The Kedesh Family

August 11, 2018 This group photo was sent to a fundraising party in Salt Lake City. Names were added for the benefit of those in attendance.

Kedesh family

Wall Building

August 13, 2018 School holidays started today. We were given a donation to build a wall on the far side of our property by Rock Valley Christian Church. So it the digging started this morning with volleyball and games in the afternoon. We have had so much rain this year the water table is still just a few inches/cm down. So we found that we needed to dig a trench just to drain the area where we want to put the foundations for the wall. That was todays job. Teaching and learning about surveying were part of the task. Then we enjoyed a volleyball tournament between 4 teams the boys are divided into in the afternoon.

Clowns from Portugal

Today we had a clown group from Portugal. They were very good! Notice the different expressions on many of the boys faces as they danced away.